Great evening for Italy: Chigbolu, Spacca, Folorunso and Grenot in 3’25 “16 is to scream: Italian final record and won the 4×400.

October 25, 2018 – The Milan Claudio Mv Agusta MV Agusta anticipates the forthcoming EICMA the F4 Claudio, a kind of final edition of the proven and powerful superbike road. And the likely singing of the bike swan waiting for a new four-cylinder platform.

HISTORICAL – oestrus result of Massimo Tamburini and intuition Claudio Castiglioni (which is dedicated), who wanted to personally define every detail, the F4 was presented to the public in 1997, it immediately became “the most beautiful motorcycle in the world” . The launch marked the triumphant return of the MV Agusta scenes, the brand that more than any other is synonymous with extraordinary victories, epics rainbow remained in the collective memory. PRECIOUS – MV Agusta F4 Claudio is the tribute to a man who has dedicated his life to beauty, modeling first in the mind and then work with a unique bike for style, performance and attention to detail.

The technical basis is constituted by the RC F4, driven by a motor that has the configuration to track a maximum power of 212 hp and 205 in the standard version. The equipment is that of a motorcycle track: sequential gearbox in climbing and ascent, inertial platform, control unit with data acquisition, Brembo braking system with pincers and radial pump. The exterior is much sought after and valuable, thanks to the carbon fiber fairing, the SC-Project exhaust made ad hoc and tires Pirelli Diablo Supercorsas. Alessandro Pastore

January 12, 2019 – Milan And ‘the first Italian to get into WWE after Bruno Sammartino, probably the greatest wrestler of all time. Already, Nunzio, Vito, Santino Marella and all the characters who have played him the stereotype in the world of American pro wrestling, have little to do with our nation. Fabian Aichner, however, was born in the tiny hamlet of Falzes.

A town of less than 3 thousand inhabitants of the province of Bolzano, in the Puster valley. “I am the first Italian in WWE for 70 years and I collect the heavy legacy of Bruno Sammartino – says the NXT and NXT wrestler UK -. It ‘a responsibility, but also an honor. I saw in wrestling on TV of Italy, and one I’m in love with Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle.

Shawn today is also my teacher at the Performance Center in Orlando, where I work in the direct class by another former great fighter, Scotty 2 Hotty “. Wrestling, here Fabian Aichner: “I, the first Italian after Sammartino …” ANOTHER LIFE – The wrestling kidnapped him, causing him to abandon what has become his second sport. “I was a ski teacher, but I left everything. I did the wrestling school in Germany, then I went to England and I started getting opportunities.

Participating in the Cruiserweight Classic was the most challenging experience and at the same time difficult of my life. ” Today struggle paired with Germany’s Marcel Barthel, the European Union called tag team. “For a year and a half in this world, I train every day and once a week about my match. Get in the main roster of Raw and Smackdown?

Why not, I feel ready. ” PASSION – Born on July 21, 1990, Fabian was in love with wrestling as all the boys grew up in the mid-2000s, watching him on TV. “I’ll never forget a match attended by Brock Lesnar, Big Show, Undertaker and Vince McMahon. That was the time when it blossomed my love for this sport. ” By now she lives too far from Italy, but he is fond of the journal. “The reading, I was especially attentive to the ski news. But I know that Italy live football and have always been intrigued by a legend like Gigi Buffon. ” Today we give also advice from the samples of the main current roster, but Aichner has a dream. “I would like to face AJ Styles at WrestleMania.” Giuseppe Di Giovanni

August 20, 2016 – RIO DE JANEIRO (Bra) Dilshod Nazarov Celebrates First Tajik gold with a dedication to dad. Epa Two more days of competition, emotions, medals. In the third last night in Rio Olympic bitter tears came to Brazil landlord, who in the women’s game does not even take home the bronze. The final of the basketball will see the Serbs challenge the American team.

It ‘was the last night in the Olympic athlete’s life for Usain Bolt and volleyball has selected a finalist for gold that will challenge blues Blengini. Soccer – Brazil, which exalted women whistling the football men, it turns out to dry medals. After k.o. on penalties to Sweden, it’s k.o. with Canada in the bronze medal match.

Their? In Germany, which beat Sweden and that, with the men’s team in the final (against Brazil’s Neymar) aims to give a complete lesson to the Brazilians, in their home, two years after the shock of the World Cup.

It will be revenge male or total lesson of the Germans? basketball – Ok, Team USA is: a good joke and tenacious Spain has tried in the semifinals, now for the most awaited by the Americans the gold medal there will be Serbia, who gave a sound lesson in both an Australia pretty disappointing so far as the moment of truth. Finals: for the US-Serbia gold, bronze for Australia-Spain. athletics – E ‘was the last night of an athlete at the Games for Usain Bolt, who brings home his ninth gold of factional least 4×100.

Jamaica ahead of Japan and Canada, after the US and the Galtin Gay were disqualified for faulty substitution. Great evening for Italy: Chigbolu, Spacca, Folorunso and Grenot in 3’25 “16 is to scream: Italian final record and won the 4×400. Jamaican beats in the 4×100 relay by US after the mess of the semifinals. The Kenyan Cheruiyot gold in 5000 with the Olympic record. First Olympic gold for Tajikistan: in the hammer throw with Nazarov.

Auction: gold at Stefanidi Greek. volley – After a wonderful semi-final victory in the tie-break on the USA, Italy volleyball discovered Italian dawn the name of the rival for the gold medal, with the final scheduled for Sunday 21 at 18:15 Italian: the other semi-final between Russia and Brazil ended 3-0 to the hosts. So will be Italy-Brazil. Gasport © reproduction reserved write your comment 0      

March 2, 2019 – NEW YORK Zlatan Ibrahimovic, forward of the Los Angeles Galaxy, 37 years. Ap With the departure of Sebastian Giovinco, to Al-Hilal (Saudi Arabia), the only possibility to maintain an illustrious Italian presence in Mls Pepito Rossi is whether there is agreement with the Los Angeles Fc after the idea, nuanced, to do couple with Zlatan Ibrahimovic with rivals cousins ​​of the Galaxy.

In truth, the United Minnestota has just arrived from Reading goalkeeper Vito Mannone, he grew nell’Atalanta but emigrated very young Arsenal at the behest of Arsène Wenger. NEWS CINCINNATI – Now Ibra remains the most high-sounding name of the League along with that of Wayne Rooney, who will play his second season with DC United in Washington.

After scoring 22 goals in 27 games in the past season, Zlatan relaunches with its ways to bully: “This year we will fight all the MLS record.” And ‘with these premises that today starts the 24th season of Major League Soccer with the addition of the 24th franchise, the Fc Cincinnati, who last year in the USL, the second division of the US, was an average of 25,000 spectators. And ‘the public one of the great jewels: 22,000 average attendance in 2018 (only a few hundred less than the Series A).

And Atlanta with figures scramble all previous records: 53,000 per game in the Mercdes-Benz Stadium, one jewel stage (the same as the NFL football). Ibra crowns Mbappe: It’s fantastic, it can only get better “atlanta chasing the bis – The Mls starts with a hint of arrogance: $ 600 million invested in the purchase of players from 2015 to date, more than average goals (3.2) and shots on goal (10) than all the other major leagues.

And some significant data to be bandied about in the main European championships, 10 different teams have won the title in the last 12 seasons. the great balance signal that the sporty philosophy of “made in the USA “is one of the cornerstones of success. This year could be an exception, though.

Because the sampled companies, Atlanta, arrived at the” scudetto “as soon as the second year of existence, has what it takes to repeat. it ‘s true who lost the great helmsman, the coach Tata Martino went to coach the Mexican national team, under whose directives played spectacular football, and in its place came the Dutchman Frank De Boer, the bocc gap from Inter but the great architects with Ajax. He left the Rossoneri Paraguayan starlet Miguel Almiron migrated to Newcastle for a record (for Mls) 25 million euro, however, remained in the town of Coca Cola and CNN the top scorer of the league, the former grenade Josef Martinez, which in 2018 has shattered the record for goals scored with 31.