April 3 to 9, 2017 – Campagne- Guyana – Butinages -.

April 3 to 9, 2017 – Campagne- Guyana – Butinages -. It is a small notepad this week. Educational news seems to have dozed off with the start of spring break. There are still elections to animate a bit this column even if the place of education in the country is low. We also discuss the situation in Guyana where some of the claims on that topic. And we end with some links where politics is also present. Campaign The campaign for the presidential elections still constitutes the bulk of this notebook writemyessay4me
. The candidates, themselves, have expressed little on this subject during the "great debate" and in their various interventions. Apart from a sequence in the political program of France2 where Emmanuel Macron was questioned by a professor of History and Geography of colonization. It turns out that this teacher was a submarine filloniste she have denied on the board. Rather, the analysis of programs that abound. Like last week, I will start by pointing one of my texts. I have indeed produced, too, a comparative summary of the programs of the five main candidates. It is readable on Economic Alternatives magazine’s website and on my blog. This synthesis concludes a series of blog posts that detailed programs "education" of candidates: • "The School of Marine Le Pen: an unjust and ineffective school" • "In March and School: a step forward, a step back … "•" Hamon and education: embarrassed heir "•" Melenchon and education: the gaucho-conservatism "•" Fillon and education: liberal and retrograde "End of self-promotion ! Two programs were able to compare the analyzes with the presence of candidates’ representatives. This is the case of 7 billion neighbors on RFI. The show "Grand Appointment Europe 1" Les Echos "-" CNews "Sunday, April 2 had also made this theme central to the debate. We also find several articles that focus on a particular theme. Express back on the uniform to school, "a measurement between" nostalgia "and" respect for authority "." 20minutes.fr develops about the same subject by answering the question "How the candidates want to reinforce the authority to school" Marie-Christine Corbier in Les Echos also a comparative but with particular attention to the "fundamentals" . Priority to "read, write and count" is a common window that hides real differences between the candidates at the Elysee. Le Figaro looks at parents Federations claims of students in the presidential campaign. The CIPF regretted "the lack of transpartisan thought" in France. "Everything is questioned at each half," said Herve John Niger, a vice president, who speaks of "instrumentalization of the school." Valerie Marty, president of PEEP wishes for its greater school opening and greater collaboration with parents. Because there are not five candidates but eleven, I note again the good synthesis of women newspaper that presents the educational programs of all candidates. Guyana The week was also marked by the continuation of the social movement in Guyana. The situation of this overseas department is marked by several structural problems and delay in many areas. Saturday, April 1, the Minister of Overseas Ericka Bareigts, and the interior minister, Matthias Fekl had announced a plan 1.085 billion euros of government liabilities in Guyana. An insufficient amount to address health and education issues as protesters demanding 2.5 billion euros immediately. Include an analysis of the situation and major claims in a video of a spokesman for the protesters. For education, the Guyanese mobilized demanding the construction of 10 schools, 500 classes of elementary and 5 high schools. According to Jean-Michel Blanquer, who was rector of Guyana between 2004 and 2006, the problems of education in the department boil down to "what lived teachers of the twentieth century", "remote places where French was not the language of children and where some families placed their hopes in the school, while others do not see the point. But the climate and latitude were different, "he explained in Le Figaro in an interview with France Guiana, the education minister evokes school buildings, but also strengthening the rectory and extension of the device" More of masters classes. " But it is not sure that’s enough. Teachers unions are demanding, in addition to the buildings mentioned above, school meals and transport free for all students, the systematic teaching of mother tongues, the immediate doubling of positions Native Speakers (ILM), the catch the personal late to mentor students (3 500 adults longer to reach the national average), measures to make the attractive department as an outstanding contest (like that of the academy of Creteil). Butinages To finish this small holiday notebook, I point out some reading or radio that I found interesting. election is still in the field with USAinformations emission Junior. In partnership with UNICEF France, the radio asked "And you, if you were president, what would you do?" several children and teenagers. Students have many ideas to make the best school: home of disabled students, troubled youth and school leavers, class schedules … To bounce back, Jean-Paul Delahaye, Inspector General of Education and author of report "Extreme poverty and educational achievement" responds and puts them into perspective their proposals so very relevant. To listen. It may be mentioned also the interview in a very direct style of Nathalie Mons for the journal Public Actors. The President of Cnesco returns to the missions of the national evaluation of school council. It defines them: "We are a whistleblower in the sense that we are available to the general public of the evaluation results of the French school, without controversy, without taboo either, on sensitive issues: social inequality, migration, gender diversity, strong young inserting problems in vocational education. In France, we suffer from a very low surrender of the share of personal accounts policy related to the fact that historically, the assessment practice in internal departments without democratic procedure of publicizing evaluation reports, except notable of the Court of Auditors. Because politicians is not judged on the objective results of his action, public policies are rarely based on the results of screening assessments or wider research. ". It also discusses the criticisms that were brought to him and all the little insidious attacks that show that independence is not always experienced by the administration and politics … We can also advise another reading that we it also reduces the elections. These three platforms together in Humanity Frederique Rolet, general secretary of the SNES-FSU, Liliana Moyano, president of the Federation of public school students and parent councils (CIPF) and Roussillon Marine, responsible for school Committee of the PCF. The one and the other recall issues of the school. I hold to conclude the arrest of Liliana Moyano: "Looking at my children recently, I was surprised to say that the school had taught them the simple past, but nothing on the complicated future. Facing an uncertain world, changing the role of the school is constantly being reaffirmed, acclaimed as a barrier to all social and societal challenges. Faced with these challenges, projects for the school that I’ve read so far seem meager and without vision. Between a school that smells of mothballs, all-liberal or attractive proposals but without long-term vision, our candidates are struggling to be up to the challenges of tomorrow. We inherited a great engineering, a magnificent machine, populated by men and women who ask only one thing, assigned to them and that they recognize their social role: to train citizens of tomorrow. […] It is intolerable to see today that the school not only reproduces social and territorial inequalities, but it worsens and turns them into educational inequalities. "There will be no notepad next weekend. For the second week in Area C, I’m away because I’m going to test something we talked a lot about me, the holidays! Happy reading … Philippe Watrelot This (tte) work is licensed under the terms of the license Creative Commons Attribution – NonCommercial – Sharing in the Same Conditions 3.0 France. Posted by Watrelot on Sunday, April 9, 2017