Zdenek Ondrasek se v dresu Wisly Krakov blyskl dvema brankami do site Plocku a rozhodl o vitezstvi sveho tymu.

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Anelka nahral do behu Drogbovi, ten se mu snazil vratit mic do vapna, ale balon nakonec doputoval k Maloudovi, ktery nikym nehlidan pohodlne zakoncil do protipohybu brankare. Ve druhe lize odehral cele utkani v dresu Brescie obrance Ales Mateju. Ve 34. minute zvysoval na 2:0 v Almere. Prece vsak americky brankar v óvodnim dejstvi kapituloval. […]


Pay attention to David de Gea’s ideal The best League saves

Overall, he displaced thing with 15 of his 41 details to the baseball and this is a matter for Liverpool. But he was not able to include in that tally as Liverpool ended up being retained towards a goalless bring by Manchester United at Worn out Trafford on Saturday and searched to this point just […]


Observe midweek The best League goals around the Sky Sports iphone app

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“Obviously there is certainly strain. Dream Basketball major details scorer – Wilfried Zaha (19 pts) “On Wednesday night-time we have now a second possibility (at your home to Watford) and so there’s the derby, that may be generally a somewhat psychological video game so, back again, desire. “There are actually ways to gain success consequently […]


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