Innovative Design

Anodized aluminum tubes are used as filter bodies in all models (hose fittings of PRO FIL 65 SCC and PRO FIL 80 SCC and air by pass safety valves are also made from anodized aluminum). All plastic parts are made from PVC and transparent acrylic plastics. MOTEK filters are produced from recyclable materials and are 100% environment friendly.

MOTEK filters are produced in to main types;
Disposable filters
PRO FIL 40 C : One step activated carbon
PRO FIL 50 SC : Two steps, silica gel+activated carbon

Rechangeable filters
PRO FIL 65 SCC : Three steps, silica gel+ two steps of activated carbon
PRO FIL 80 SCC : Three steps, silica gel+two steps of activated carbon



MOTEK PRO FIL 65 SCC and PRO FIL 80 SCC filters are produced with rechangable filter elements (PRO FEL 65 SCC and PRO FEL 80 SCC cartridges)
In many filter models (as MOTEK PRO FIL 40 C and PRO FIL 50 SC ) the life time of the filter is limited with saturation of the activated carbon content in the filter. In that case the filter has to be replaced in begining of every boating season or when needed. For that reason the use of filters with rechangable filter cartridges is a more economic choice and environment friendly.


Due their special modular desing and O-ring sealing technology, MOTEK filter cartridges (PRO FEL 65 SCC and PRO FEL 80 SCC) function with high performance. The air expansion roomlets at both in and out sides of the cartridge allow to easily inhale and exhale the air coming from the tank (due to negative pressure in the roomlets). Your filter can breathe. The filter is designed by three modules. The first one is filled with silica gel. Moisture affects the life time of the activated carbon. As the silica gel will block the moisture coming from the tank, the life time of activated carbon will increase. You can understand the saturation of silica gel by looking through the transparent cap. (Orange colour of the new filter will turn to dark green when saturated). Please note that even silica gel module is saturated your filter will continue to function until all activated carbon content is filled with odour particles. There is two more modules of activated carbon in the structure. MOTEK anti odour filters with the air expansion roomlets and three steps filtering structure, will perform perfectly on your black water and diesel tank systems.


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